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A Foyer Update

Hi Friends!

So if you remember (or don't) this past spring I decided to work on transforming our foyer by painting our very 90s honey oak railing a nice shade of Tricorn Black.

Since then I've worked on our yard, living room built ins, and a few other projects, but I decided to head back to the foyer for some more work - specifically adding a beautiful moulding detail.

I thought this would be a perfect update to ring in the Christmas season! Last Christmas I made the best of our honey oak railing - but this year I'm so excited to actually decorate our entrance for the holidays.

Here is where I last left off:

Everything got a fresh coat of white paint - and the railing was a nice black after being honey oak!

Here is what the foyer looked like when we first bought our house.

Needless to say - even painting the railing black was a major upgrade - but I knew this entryway could be even better.

First we hired someone using the app Thumbtack to come out and change our foyer light! It used to be a very 90s shade. If you've never used the Thumbtack app before, I definitely recommend it! I was able to get 3 quotes in one day to have someone come out and change the light - and we hired someone who came out within a couple of days. You can upload photos in the app and describe what you need done - and then people will bid on your project. If you sign up using my link - you can also get $50 off your project.

See the beautiful light we chose? I wanted something black and simple, and this one fit the bill! Here is the link for the light as well in case you're looking for an affordable dining/foyer chandelier.

We have pretty tall 17' ceilings in our foyer - and I've seen a lot of inspiration photos where the accent wall trim goes all the way up to the ceiling - but I decided that if we went about 2/3 up the wall - that would still give the foyer some much needed character - and I wouldn't have to stand on a ladder and do as much work to get a nice effect!

You can see from the photo above I decided to tape out the boxes to decide on the perfect trim layout.

You can see here, I started to build out the boxes using 1x4" MDF boards. For the base I used 1x6" MDF. This took a lot of time because I had to figure out all of the angles! But It was worth it.

Once I got all the MDF on the walls - I used some small PVC trim to add dimension. This created a beveled look and I love the detail it added!

On the top of the trim where it stopped 2/3 up the wall I nailed in a 1x2" to the top and then added a piece of cove moulding underneath. I love the detail this added as well!

Then it was time to wood fill and caulk everything to prep for painting.

I decided to paint the accent wall a brighter shade of white than the rest of the wall. I went with Santa's Beard by Valspar. Very fitting for the Christmas season.

And here's the finished result - with Christmas decor in tow.

I love how it turned out!! There is more I want to do in the foyer. I'd love to add a little table and some coat hooks, and eventually a runner rug. But it's definitely and upgrade from where it was before. You can do things in phases - it doesn't have to be all at once! Hope this inspires you to create in your own home. Until next time!



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