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A home office upgrade

When we first moved into our house - our whole entire basement had BLUE carpet. And the downstairs bedrooms were no exception. We decided to make one of the bedrooms that had these beautiful built ins into our office. It just needed a little spruce!

We had the blue carpet replaced pretty much right after we moved in, and I added shiplap in the middle section along with an additional shelf! It used to have a hanging bar.

You can see above I taped everything off so we could spray the built in. My husband actually picked the color! We used Chimney by Behr. It is a super beautiful dark charcaoley blue color- we got it in the Behr cabinet paint line. It only took one afternoon and 2 coats to spray it on. I used our Home Right paint sprayer - which side note - is a great budget friendly paint sprayer. It's only $100 and the finish is great! Here is how it turned out!

It's been over a year since we completed this project and the paint has held up great! This office has been perfect for my husband who works from home full time. :) Until the next project,



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