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Easy Raised Garden Beds

Hi Friends!

Today I am sharing a super easy tutorial to build garden boxes for your yard. These are very inexpensive (under $40 a box) and turned out so cute! I've seen a lot of metal garden boxes popping up lately - but there's just something about the real wood that I love and the smell of cedar. It's just better than metal in my opinion - and less expensive!

Here's my supply list 3 - 2x6 foot boxes! I wanted mine 2 feet wide so they would be accessible since I was putting them up next to my fence.

Supply List:

16 Cedar Fence Pickets

6 Pieces of 2x4 Cedar

2 4X4x8 Cedar

Exterior Screws - 2 inch

I first cut the dog ears off of the fence pickets - just personal preference. Each box needs:

4 6ft fence pickets (cut the dog ears off)

4 23.5" boards (I cut one fence picket into 3 sections to maximize the wood)

4 11" 4x4 pieces

2x4 cut to run the top edge - beveled the edges

Here's all my fence pieces cut to make each box:

And here's my 4x4 cut down - then all I had to do was screw each of the boards into the 4x4. I did the longer sides first!

You can watch the assembly process below! I used 4 screw per board (2 on each side)

To cut my 2x4s I had to be pretty exact to get it to work with my 6 ft long boxes. So I cut my short board first - and then my second longer board already had a beveled edge on one side, so I beveled the other edge! Then I attached these to the top with screws as well.

Here are the finished boxes:

Yes - 1 of them is missing a top edge - I made a wrong cut and ran out of cedar. I'll post an update once we have the rock in, and when I fix that!


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