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How to make a paver path

Well....I guess this is technically how you redo a rock path and turn it into a paver path. We had an old rock path at our house and I really wanted to put in pavers because, ouch, rocks hurt your feet.

Here is the old path:

We actually hired a company to come out and remove all the old rock - we didn't want to reuse it and it wasn't something we wanted to do ourselves. Once that was gone - we were left with a hole and a bunch of dirt where the old path was.

The first thing I did to create the path was lay down landscape fabric.

Then I laid down paver sand - and then I put down paver base panels. After doing some research I found these were easier to use than ordering a ton of gravel like paver base.

Then all you do is lay the pavers down on top of the paver base. I used a level and used more sand underneath the pavers to make sure everything was even as I went along.

I thought this project was super only took a few hours for this path.

Then all we had to do was fill it in with rock! Here is the final result:

Let me know if you have any questions about making your own paver path in the comments below!


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