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5 Year Old Boy Bedroom Moodboard

I decided awhile ago we were going to make over my 5 year old son's bedroom for his birthday this upcoming May. He's turning 5, and we haven't done a ton to his room since moving into our house last September. He's been asking to paint it, and we've really been wanting to upgrade his bed. Long story short - his current bed was a cheap Amazon purchase for our last house when we needed a guest bedroom solution on the fly. I think I finally figured out what I want to do!

He's really into red - and I don't want to make his room look like fire engine so my idea is to incorporate it with smaller touches - like his light or shelf decor. The main wall color will be a pretty blue/green. I'm still looking for the perfect shade - so if you have any ideas drop them below!

Here are the links for everything above:

Jaguars Sign (the kid loves the Jaguars? Don't know why but we'll go with it)

Curtains (already have these and love them)

Light (love this light - but I'm planning to save money by spray painting one I already have)

Obviously some of this is in flex! But I think I have a pretty good baseline for what I want to do!



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