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A bathroom upgrade on a budget

So my bathroom has been the least favorite room in our house since moving in last year. But, I knew it needed a full gut and I was so stuck for awhile on what to do in the meantime to make it better.

Here is what I was working with:

Brown tile counter, brown vanity, brown tile floors, basically brown everything! I was so stuck on the countertop, because demoing tile is never fun, but I had to figure out a way to cover that up. So after thinking about it for half a day, I decided to see how hard it would be to take it all off.

And the answer wasn't hard at all! I used a pry bar. Whoever tiled the counter, literally tiled over the old the tile came off very easily! Once that was up, I peeled off the laminate sheet, also very easily. I was so happy! Usually when you decide to do something it takes longer than you think, but this was easier. And the best part is I have a smooth surface to work on for what I'm planning to do with the countertop!

I ended up adding a 1x2 piece of pine to the front of the counter, because the countertop edge had a weird angle on it. I filled that will wood filler and then sanded it smooth.

Next, I added a coat of primer to the countertop, and painted the vanity. You can see below I also added some trim pieces that will act as the backsplash. These are 1x3 pine.

I even painted the inside of the cabinet. It was so dirty, and now it literally looks like a new cabinet on the inside!

I opted to use paint sprayer for the cabinet doors to give more of a smooth finish.

Whenever you paint something - make sure you clean it! Look how dirty the water was after cleaning these doors off.

I'm so thankful we had some warmer weekends so I was able to do this in our garage.

Here's where we landed after all that. Mostly prep work. Lots to do still. Planning to do the countertop this weekend!

Thanks for following along!



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