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Foyer Progress - Painting your railing

Hi friends! Do you remember my post about a few projects I was hoping to do this year? Well - I started on project number 2. The first one I did was my son's closet and it turned out great, but now I am moving onto our foyer!

This is the view you see right when you walk into our house! I really want it to be not so....honey oak. And so I started painting the trim over the weekend.

I taped everything off which took quite some time. I didn't want to get any paint on the stairs!

You can see how worn down the stair skirting is in this picture! A fresh coat of paint really helped!

Definitely got some paint on the stairs anyways though. Oops.

Here is where we are at now:

It's a lot brighter! Next up - watch me tarp off my whole 2 story front foyer area so I can spray the railing!

I'm thinking it will kinda look like this when I'm done:

Until next time!



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