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7 Home Projects on my list for 2023

With 2022 under our belt - and a whole bunch of projects completed already! (including a major upgrade to the office and kitchen) I'm already dreaming of several projects for 2023. So here is a list and a bunch of before photos for our projects in 2023.

Paint Windows

This seems pretty self explanatory! I got most of the windows on our main level done already. I'm slowly working my way upstairs to do the rest.

Paint doors/update door hardware

This is a cheap/weekend project that made such a huge difference in our last house. I'm excited to get it done again!

Paint baseboards

Painting seems to be a theme here....lots of baseboards left to paint, but it makes such a difference when it's done.

Backyard privacy fence

Our backyard currently has a chain link fence. We definitely want some privacy - the summer is great because the trees block out other houses but this will be nice to have in the winter to help our backyard feel more private!

Backyard wrap around deck stairs

The red deck with janky stairs has to go. I'm planning to build wrap around deck stairs and hopefully give this deck a fresh coat of paint before we eventually replace it with maintenance free decking.

Phase 1 Bathroom Makeover

I'm hoping to do a little makeover on this bathroom before we gut the entire thing and build it from the ground up. It has a lot of beige tile. I have a few ideas of how I can remedy this and make it a little more modern while we wait to redo it!

Garage Purge and Organization

I'm hopeful we can get this done this spring! We have tons of cabinet doors and honestly random scraps leftover from the previous owners. It will be nice to get this organized!

Winston's Closet

Winston's closet is almost at the top of my list even though I'm writing about it last. We need better clothing/toy/and book storage! I have an idea and it's going to be pretty inexpensive to make his room more organized!

Honorable mention:

The FOYER! I am excited for how much potential this has. This is right where you walk into our house. I'd love to replace the stair railing with something black - that leans a bit more traditional. No promises on this project this year - but I added it to the list!


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