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No Demo Bathroom Reno

If you want some ideas on how to redo your old bathroom without completely demoing it and starting over - hopefully this gives you some great ideas!

My boys bathroom was in desperate need of a makeover. The tile counters were extremely old and dingy looking, the mirror was scratched, and the vanity had seen better days. The honey oak was not my jam.

Some positives about this bathroom is that the previous owners did have the floor tile replaced at some point, so we have a large format grey tile. This is something I was fine with leaving, and saved us some time and money in redoing this bathroom.

If you don't want to replace your vanity - you can opt to paint it which I've done a few times and is a really great option to update honey oak. For this bathroom, I decided to go a different route. I ordered new oak doors from and sanded down the vanity frame. This allowed me to restain everything a nice dark walnut stain!

If you want more details on how to reface cabinets - you can read about that here!

I also replaced the old tile counter and sink with a brand new carrara marble prefab countertop!

This is the exact one I purchased.

We had some touch up painting to do. I also installed new baseboards and got a new mirror and hooks. I added a simple beadboard half wall for towel hooks and painted it green!

I love how this bathroom turned out! Now we have a nice functional space for my boys!


Let me know if you have any questions! Until next time!



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