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The best Stylish Hallway Light Fixture Under $50 for Your Home Makeover

Hi friends!

I am so excited to show you my new light fixture that I installed in our hallway upstairs. We had a dreaded boob light up there, and it was an eyesore every time I walked by.

We had done a lot of workin this hallway already. The biggest change was getting all of the doors and trim painted this past spring. Our hallway has 4 doors and they were all honey oak, I painted them White Duck by Sherwin Williams, and this brightened everything significantly!

Before (boring honey oak)


You can see the old light in this photo - not a fan. I wanted to replace it with something inexpensive and I found the perfect light on Amazon!

Here's the light:

This was only $50 on Amazon when I purchased it! It's a nice shade of gold, and has a super pretty white pleated shade. It even came with white gloves for installation so you don't get the fabric shade dirty.

Note: I make a small commission when you purchase through my links! Thank you for supporting this blog!

Until the next project!


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