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Creating an awesome outdoor firepit

Hi guys! With Spring just around the corner - I thought I would share a few projects from our outdoor space in our last house. We moved to our new 2 story last September!

The first project I want to share about is our backyard firepit! Before - this firepit was weedy and the wood borders were rotted out. To save costs - I decided to use the existing large rock and just replace the old smaller rocks with limestone.

I actually created a rock sifter out of chicken wire and some scrap wood in my garage to separate the old rocks from the dirt. Here is what it looked like after I cleared out the old rocks.

You can see here it was a square shape before - I decided to change it to a circle shape so I bought 7 metal borders.

Once I added the borders - I put down weed barrier to hopefully prevent more weeds from growing.

Then I started filling it with limestone! This was I believe 1/2" rock.

And that's it! I used scrap wood and some black stain to make these benches for around the fire pit! Hopefully this inspires you to create an outdoor space you love!


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