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A Boys Bedroom Makeover

Ever since we moved into our house last September, my son has been asking when I'm going to work on/paint/update his bedroom. I knew this was going to be something I would do for his birthday as a surprise. His room before wasn't bad, but it wasn't really in his words "special". We just threw everything into his room after we moved and called it good. And it worked, but it wasn't as he said "special". I made it my mission to come up with a way to make his room special for him, without breaking the bank for us.

You can see from the photo below - I pre-painted his window and his closet doors before doing this room make over. I also did an awesome kids closet make over to give him a place to store a lot of his books/toys/and clothes.

When we talked about his bedroom makeover before, he kept saying he wanted teal paint. Well - sometimes he said he wanted red paint, but I put that to rest pretty quickly. Although red isn't my favorite - I decided to bring in some red accents to his room.

I had one day (I took the day off of work) to transform his room while he was in daycare. It was a total surprise to him! I didn't give him any hints - which was really fun for me to see his reaction.

I cleared the room and got started painting the walls. I taped everything off about 2/3 the way up the wall. I ended up picking the color Underseas by Sherwin Williams. It's a really pretty blue green - it's the perfect mash of the 2 in my opinion.

I decided to paint the baseboards the same color as the wall to help unify the space. I really like these baseboards painted the teal color as well!

You can see below I also worked on removing the old fan and I replaced it with this light fixture: link This is my favorite inexpensive light fixture. It's LED so there's no bulbs to replace - and I love the vintage looking opal glass. It's under $20 so if you have some old boob lights to replace I think this is a nice option!

Are you ready to see the finished bedroom?

I purchased a new Rug cover from Ruggable! I love Ruggable rugs for kids rooms because you can put them in the washing machine. A must in my opinion (speaking from a mom whose child had a stomach bug last month). If you have pets it's great too! Isn't this teal checkerboard so cute? It comes in black as well. I wanted to give a subtle nod to racing since he loves the movie Cars.

I framed a Lightning Mcqueen picture, and a Jacksonville Jaguars pennant because he loves that football team!

The light got an easy transformation with some spray paint in my garage. I think it adds the perfect hint of red to his room without being too overwhelming.

He loved his room! It was so fun to see his reaction.

Paint made all the difference here to help this feel like a custom room. Until next time!


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