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Everything you need to paint your kitchen cabinets like a pro!

I painted our kitchen cabinets in our last house - and 3 years later they have held up great! If you want to see the process for that check out this post! When we sold our house they still looked like the first day I painted them.

Here is everything you need to paint your cabinet doors, even if it's your first time attempting something like this - these products will make it easy.

  1. Home Right paint sprayer - if it's your first time using a paint sprayer - this one is extremely user friendly! I used this to spray our cabinet doors and it worked great. And the best part is it's close to $100!

  2. Wooster Shortcut - I love this angled brush. I go through several each year because they are my favorite!

  3. TSP Substitute - This is a great cleaner for cabinets doors to prep for painting. It takes off years of grime and grease.

  4. Whizzflock rollers - These rollers are my favorite for a smooth even finish with no streak marks

  5. Frogtape - This tape is better than the blue tape. It just is.

  6. Cups - I used cups like these to keep my cabinet doors off the ground while spraying

  7. Sherwin Williams Emerald Paint - This is my paint recommendation for cabinet doors! It's latex so it's easy clean up and it's super smooth! 10/10 recommend.

That's all my favorite items for painting! Don't forget to grab some tarps for spraying the doors and painting the boxes. Let me know if you have any questions below!



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