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Faux Zellige Shower Tile

I don't know about you guys - but Zellige tile has always been so pretty to me! I love the hand made look and how each one is unique and you get that super pretty color variation. When I decided to paint my bath tile originally I was planning to go with plain white - but then I thought why not try and mix it up?

After doing my epoxy counters in the bathroom and mixing in some variated pigments - I wondered if I could do the same thing to create a beautiful faux zellige tile by mixing them in the white paint I was using.

I used this as my inspo pic:

And here is how the tile turned out:

Now let's get into the nitty gritty of how i got this effect.

I used this Rustoleum Tub and Tile Kit . You can purchase 1 kit for only $42. Which is a crazy good deal if you ask me to cover up your old tile. 1 kit would cover your standard tub - but I ended up using 3 kits (I also did my whole stand up shower though)

Speaking of old tile here's how mine looked before:

Cute right? Love the brown. JK. It's your very basic boring brown tile and I could not wait to cover it up!!

So first things first - I laid down a couple coats of just plain white. The can says to do up to 2 coats in one day - and then do a third coat the next day, so I followed those directions. I ended up putting 3 coats down before attempting the faux treatment.

Side note about this paint - it smells sooo bad. It made my eyes burn as well. I wore a respirator and had a window open the whole time I was applying it. I would NOT do this without a respirator.

At this point it was looking very white - and I was excited to do the next step.

I had a couple of different trays and I poured white into each tray.

I bought these metallic powders and mixed them in and it honestly did nothing. So would not recommend these ones.

What I would recommend (and what I ended up using) is this:

You don't need much at all to make a few shades of grey - I mixed 2 shades. Then all I did was using 2 rollers to roll the different shades onto the tile. I left some white.

I also ended up adding a cream. I had a leftover jar of Revere Pewter paint and mixed the tiniest amount in with my rustoleum paint.

You can really customize the shades to whatever you want! It's super easy.

The finished product was so pretty!

Overall this was very easy - very inexpensive update. Let me know if you try it!


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