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How to Create your OWN built-in office

Updated: Jul 3

If you're wanting to know how you can create your own built in office - then you've come to the right place. I created this office with my own two hands with no built in experience. This was my first built in project - and I'm going to give you the run down of what I did, and what I'd do next time so you don't make my same mistakes!

Let's start with the office before:


This probably sounds pretty obvious - but you need a plan going into this project to make sure it comes together! I started by measuring the length of my wall (a little under 12 feet) and knew I wanted 2 cabinets/drawer sets with a large desk space in the middle. Here is what a few of my drafts looked like. I created these in Adobe Illustrator - but you don't need that! You can easily use some graph paper/paper to plan it out as well. It's really helpful to figure out the cabinets you'll buy/how wide they are, and then how tall your shelves need to be based on those measurements.

You can use cabinets for the base of the shelves - but I decided to use 2 Ikea Hemnes Dressers so I didn't have to build my own. I assembled them like normal - but I cut the legs off the bottom and did not add the dresser top in my assembly. You can see that here:

Purchase all your materials and start putting it together!

I ran to the hardware store and purchased all the boards I needed for the shelving! Including framing it out!

The first thing I did is assemble the dressers as seen below. I wanted shiplap in between the shelves and so I put that up next!

After that I did assembled the desk top.

This desktop was my biggest mistake in this project. It was definitely a learning experience for me. I needed a 12'x24" desktop - and so I purchased some oak boards. I used 8'x12" oak boards and tried to pocket hole them together. My boards were not straight at all and so I ended up with some huge gaps. If I had to do it again - I would pay someone to build an oak desktop for me. I remedied it by covering the whole thing with oak veneer - but it didn't stain as beautifully as I some straight up oak boards. I may go back and redo it in the future - but it's fine for now.

Anyways - once that was assembled and stained I started building my shelves! I used 8'x12" pine for the sides/tops of the shelves. And I trimmed out the front of the shelves to bulk it up with some 8'x2" mdf!

Then it was time to paint! I used the color Shade Grown by Sherwin Williams!

And here is the final product:

I love it! Hope this helps you create your own beautiful space!

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Jun 15

Where did you get your chair?


Mar 30

Can you link to the brass pulls on the drawers? Thank you!


Feb 09

You didn’t go into depth on the book case/shelving unit. How did you attach it? I noticed there are lots of drilled holes inside the case. What did you use to get each drilled hole spaced correctly? What size shelf boards did you use?

Replying to

Hi - I screwed a horizontal board into my ceiling joists - then I attached the vertical boards into a wall stud in the corner. The drilled holes on the sides I created using this - and purchased 1/4" shelf pins. This makes the shelves adjustable. I purchased 1x12 mdf to make the shelves and painted it to match the rest of the unit!


Jan 19

Would you mind sharing the total cost of the project? Would love to create this look!

Replying to

I believe this whole project came in around $1200 for everything!

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