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The Laundry/Mudroom Project Thus Far

Since I’m starting to tackle the other side of this room - the laundry side, I figured I better update everyone on the progress this room has already had! Here’s a before of this room.

As you can see we had a large cabinet in this room that was our pantry - right off of our garage entrance. Not the most practical spot. We moved this out of the room (not without having to saw the top off and wood glue it back on)

If you want to see how this pantry makeover looked after we moved it into our kitchen - check out this post!

Once that was out - if left a giant hole in our floor where the tile did not run underneath the cabinet. I was expecting this and I thought it would be the perfect spot for a built in bench! I purchased this bench from Walmart. I didn’t want this to be a super pricey makeover - and so this cheap bench did the trick!

Once I put the bench in place - I did a board and batten accent wall. I just spaced 1x2 MDF on the wall and ran a 1x4 along the top of them about 3/4 up the wall. I was able to add hooks to this so now we all have a spot to hang jackets and a basket to put our shoes in!

I painted it all black…. (if you do this, make sure to prime the laminate bench with Bin primer) but now that I’m working on the laundry room side I’m realizing I don’t want everything to be black…sooo it’s probably all going to change. TBD on how that’s all going to shape up!

Hope this was helpful! Let me know if you have any questions!


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