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How to DIY Large Format Tile

Updated: Jan 1, 2023

Redoing the tile in our front entryway was no small task, but I am so happy we did it!

Here's how we did it. Usually I'm the DIYer in our house, but my husband helped me demo this tile, and I'm thankful he he did. It was not easy, we ended up purchasing a hammer drill to make the job easier.

Once the tile was removed, we were left with subfloor. It was my turn to finish the project!

My sister came over and helped me lay down cement board.

It has to be screwed into the subfloor every 6 inches, and the seams have to be taped and then mudded before tile can go down.

Once that was done we were ready to start tiling!

I used a tile leveling system since these were large 24X12 tiles.

Lots of cuts later - the tiling was done! So happy with how it turned out. This was a natural slate tile we purchased from Home Depot. I did seal it, and then ended up using a black grout. It turned out perfect!


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