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A dark dungeon turned bright office

Hi friends! Today I'm going to be finally making a post about my husbands office redo. This was a total surprise for him - he had no idea. About once a quarter he travels for work, and so I decided to get this done the week he was gone. Somehow managed to get it done in between taking care of my two boys. My sister came to help me one day, so I didn't totally do it alone! Let me show you the before:

Not terrible but not great. It was orange before we moved in, but my husband ended up painting it blue. It's a nice color but it made it feel too dark. So I got to work!

Let me show you my plans! I made these in sketch up before hand - and you can tell me how accurate you think it turned out:

First of all- the walls in our basement are textured and I wanted to get rid of that. So I decided to start by skim coating the walls. My sister helped me with this! We added joint compound with a paint roller, smoothed it out and waited for it to dry.

Here you can see the areas where the joint compound filled into the texture. We did this to all the walls in the room!

Next up I had to do drywall primer so seal the joint compound before painting. I decided to paint 3 of the walls Swiss coffee by Behr - which is one of my favorite white colors! I left the big wall blank so I could do an accent wall.

I loaded up my cart at Lowe's with mdf and got to work!

I decided to do some boxes across the wall and the plan was to hang sconces! I decided to paint the accent wall Shade Grown by Sherwin Williams. I love it! I used this same paint color in my office.

How good do you think it turned out? I love it! And he totally was surprised and loves it too. :)



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