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From a closet to an office

The year is 2020, and everybody suddenly has to work from home. Including my husband. Which means....I was kicked out of our shared bedroom and spare office. To see how we upgraded our spare bedroom into a killer office for my husband - click here.

This left me working at the kitchen table on my one work from home day a week, which was fine, but I had an idea. I wanted somewhere to set my computer, my printer, and my new Christmas gift - my Cricut machine! And so I had the idea to turn our large basement closet into my personal office.

Here is the very sad before:

And here's what I made:

The desk itself is made out of maple plywood. I used edge banding to create a nice edge! I purchased a malm until from Ikea to create drawers for storage. The lightning is from Amazon and I used the "magic puck hack" to create remote operated lighting that's not wired into the wall! I also painted the walls black. The color is Black Beauty by Benjamin Moore, which has been my go to black paint color for accents throughout our house!



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