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My Butcher Block Countertop Fail

So if you saw me post on social media this week I was super excited to get started on our laundry room project! I had the idea to create a faux butcher block style counter over our old laminate one.

So last Monday I used some thin wood slats we had leftover from a project in my husbands office - and I decided to use the raw side and cover my counter top! I made a ton of cuts on my miter saw and things were looking good. I went to work and on Friday I had the day off and so I decided it was finally time to wood fill and stain.

Looks pretty good right? Well it's about to go downhill. I started sanding the slats down, and somehow scratched them all up. So when I went to stain them, the scratches were highlighted. It was so bad. So I ripped it all off of the counter.

Time for plan B. I decided once again to use wood slats. We had extra - and so this time I decided to use the already stained side.

At this point I thought for sure it was going to work. I just needed to stain it a bit darker. So I tested a piece of the wood and it looked great. So I proceeded to stain the whole thing with some minwax gel stain. And guess what? It didn't work again. It was SO splotchy.

So bad. So at this point I kinda wanted to give up - but I knew I couldn't leave the counters like this so I ripped it all off again. Stayed tuned to see what happens.

Or click here to see what progress I made after this fail!


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