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We Moved!

It was a crazy end to our summer. We decided to look into how much our house could sell for, and just look at some other houses. There were a few that we looked at and we were about to take a break for the fall/winter when we looked a beautiful 2 story home in our same city. It was on a super quiet street with lots of mature trees. We put a contingent offer in (meaning we had to sell our house ASAP if our offer got excepted in order to be able to buy the house) and even in the crazy market our offer was accepted.

Then began the crazy process of listing our house and selling it. We listed it within a week of our offer being accepted. We have multiple offers the first day, and chose one of them! It was really a God thing, because the people we sold our house to were cousins of our next door neighbors (and neither of them knew!).

After packing/donating and doing final cleaning and repairs we sold our house and moved into our new 2 story. Lots of projects to come!


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