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How much does a budget friendly bathroom renovation cost?

Updated: Aug 10, 2023


I'm always curious how much people spend on their renovation projects and I love when people are up front with the cost to do something! So I'm going to break down how much I spent updating this larger master bathroom suite. My goal was to keep it very budget friendly, and give you tips along the way to help you create a bathroom on a budget.

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I'm going to break down the budget into different categories, and then give a total cost at the end of this post!

Epoxy Counter Total: $141.42


Supplies (includes spray paint, mixing buckets - used tarp/tape I had on hand from a previous project): $17.44

Epoxy and Metallic Pigment Powders/White additive: $123.98

Tile Paint Total: $191.59


Supplies (paint brush, tape, foam rollers/trays)

Tile Paint Kits: 171.92 (4 of these - I had a whole shower/plus bath area so I think the amount I used was atypical - I also had to mix colors and you can't save the paint longer than 6 hours)

Flooring Total: $119.82


Grout: $31.00

Floor Tile: $83.34 (only used about $60 worth, but had to buy 2 boxes)

Speed Square: $5.48 (for cutting the tiles into thirds)

Painted Shower Door Frame Total: $20.94


Black Spray Paint: $13.96

Primer: $6.98


Shower head: $89

Cabinet Knobs: $35

Cabinet Hinges: $21

Shiplap: $90

Hooks/Toilet Paper Holder: $38

Cabinet Paint: $100

Toilet: $139

Faucet: $89.20

Total Renovation Cost: $1157.73

Maybe that seems like a ton of money to you, or maybe it seems like not much at all - either way I think it's helpful to see how much a project actually costs before you decide to dive into it. There's probably things I could have done to make this project cheaper. If you keep your same towel holders, buy cheaper paint (I have an affinity for Sherwin), keep your same cabinet knobs, shop at Restore, or thrift for items, keep your same toilet/faucet/shower head etc. that would save a ton of money!

Overall, I'm super happy knowing a full demo/reno of this bathroom could have easily gone into the 10K+ range. This is one more space in our home that feels like a sigh of relief. Thanks for reading!



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