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My Favorite Paint Sprayers for DIY

Since I'm going to be working on a few larger paint projects - (hello foyer) I thought I'd give you guys the rundown on my favorite paint sprayers! I have 2 - and I've used them both for different things.

Amazon for the win. I got this little baby as my first every paint sprayer and I love it!


- Great for a beginner DIYer or paint sprayer - so easy to figure out how to use it

- VERY affordable as far as paint sprayers go

- Has everything you need to paint - you don't need to buy any additional accessories

- For a sprayer in this bracket - the finish is super nice


- It's corded - so you'll need some extension cords and also it can be annoying having a cord follow you around everywhere

- Depending on your project you will probably need to fill up your paint container multiple times


- This gives a super smooth professional looking finish

- It has great instructions on how to use it and clean it out

- It's more expensive than option number 1 - but for the type of finish you get the price is affordable

- You could literally spray paint your whole house with this thing - since you drop the sprayer directly into your paint gallon or 5 gallon bucket


- It's larger and therefore a pain to move around

- This one is also corded

- Cleaning this one is not the most fun I've ever had - you also need to put a conditioner in it (this comes with your purchase)

Overall - I'd use paint sprayer 1 for smaller paint jobs - and paint sprayer 2 for larger ones. I personally like having both options for the amount of paint based projects I do! Let me know if you have any questions in the comments!


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