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Laundry Room Plans and Progress

I'm so excited to be sharing the progress I've made on our laundry room! After a huge countertop fail - I also am sharing where we are at with the counters now.

So in case you need to catch up here is the before of the room.

And this is where we were at about a week ago:

You can read more about this built in bench and board and batten here.

After the failed butcher block counter I decided I was just going to paint my counters. I used some leftover Sherwin Williams Tricorn black paint and some leftover white paint as well. You can read more about how I did the counters soon, but this is how they look now:

Probably should take that tape off at some point. I think they turned out great. I was going for a black marble type look. It was actually fun to paint all the lines and be abstract with them.

And here are the updated plans for the rest of the laundry room!

Here the deets.

I'm planning to use this wallpaper - it's a super pretty and simple grid look. You can see I painted the countertops. The cabinets/shelf will be Farrow and Ball Pigeon. I was inspired to see this color in Chris loves Julia's beautiful home!

Very excited to use it in ours as well. The hardware will probably end up being black and I need to figure out some way to make a hanging bar for clothes that need to dry that will hang off of the shelf. What do you guys think? Excited to take you along the journey.



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