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Our Home Office - Before and After

A few months ago we knew we were moving into our house - and I knew the first project I wanted to do was our home office!! I'm no stranger to creating an inspiring office space - check out this closet I turned into an office or how we transformed my husband's office in our last house! I needed a spot to plug in my computer and work from home. We had the absolute perfect spot for it right off our entryway. A blank room, I just needed to plan it out!

Here is what the office looked like before:

A perfect blank space. This was my first built in project and so after doing a couple of designs I came up with something I thought I could do. If you're looking for a detailed break down of HOW I completed this project - click here!

Here is how it turned out:

Much better - am I right? Now I have a space to work at home and store all the officey craft items I have. I hope this inspires you to create an office you love!

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